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Extr. message reçu par Thèmes, le 16 mars 2003
Conflict seems imminent, and I admire and respect the attitude of yourselves
and your government, and I don't care who knows it !
President Chirac is accused by the U.S. and U.K. of treachery, and of threatening
to disrupt, perhaps even destroy the E.U.  All free thinking men and women
know the truth, President Chirac is a hero of free thinking and free will, and of
course, democracy.  I applaud him for his courage.
I am an Englishman as you know, I am not a rebel or a traitor to my country,
but I will not be bullied into supporting something which I know is wrong.
I hope the conflict is quickly over with the least casualties on all sides,
but I have the greatest fear that if Saddam really does have weapons of mass
destruction, then he is likely to use them to defend his country against the
invaders.  Heaven knows where it will end.
There is no moral justification for the conflict, I avoid the term 'war'
because it will not be a war, it will be the violent removal of the
government of one country by others.  That is not war, it is a criminal act
unless there is justification under the United Nations Charter.
Where will it end ?
I am sorry that I cannot communicate to you in French, I left school when I
was 12 years old to work, and received just sufficient formal education to
be able to understand my own language.
You have my permission to publish this E. mail wherever you think it should



Harry Palmer
Preston (Lancashire) 16 03 03

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